Business Services

We're here for your small business. Our services are designed for you and to guarantee you dont have a decline in productivity or lose money you dont need to.

Managed Services

We can monitor all your equipment off-site. Basically we can put the fires out before they even start. Instead of you going in on a monday and seeing that your entire network is down, we watch it so you never even knew it happened. This allows you and your employees to stay productive every second that your business is open.

Computer Repairs and Sales

We have the ability to provide new computers for your business in as little as three days at prices that match big box stores and Original Equipment Manufacturers. We can also provide a quick and quality service when it comes to repairing your business' computers if buying a new one isn't what you are looking to do. We have a range of on hand components like hard drives, solid state drives, ram, CD/DVD drives, monitors, keyboards, mice, and anything else that could fail throughout the day. We also have our OS installations optimized so if you need to replace a hard drive we can have your computer back to you on the same business day.

Off-site Backup and Storage

We work with partners specialized in cloud storage to make sure your data is always safe. Anything that could happen, we have you protected. Malware like cryptolockers can destroy your income for the day or maybe even longer. They do this by encrypting all of your files and making everything you normally do during the day impossible unless you pay a ransom. Sometimes that won't even guarantee the return of your word processor documents, spreadsheets, photos or other business files you may have.

We offer all of the above services independent of each other but we can also include them all in one package that guarantees the highest amount of uptime for your business. Call us, email us, or stop in for a free estimate and more information on what we can do for you.